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Simple Privacy Policy of AKGupta.com


Your Privacy

akgupta.com values your privacy above all other things. Absolutely nothing is done on this site which may compromise your privacy.

What information about you is collected and how is it used?

Only the information which you volunteer yourself, (such as your name, email address etc.) in the feedback form at this site or if you write to me, is collected. Your email address is only used to reply to your feedback or mail. It is never given away to anybody else for any reason.

Is that all about privacy policy?

Yes. Without using any legal language I have tried to convey my commitment to the visitors' privacy. Writing a lengthy policy discourages a visitor from reading it, and who has got so much time anyway? I do not have anything to hide behind tons of words, so I have kept it as simple and straight as possible.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can write to me at the address given at the bottom of the page.





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For any queries, comments or suggestions, write to me .

This site never compromises your privacy, please read this site's privacy policy.