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A Collection of Poems from the Heart

The poems in this collection have been collected over a period of time. Some are love poems, some are friendship poems, some express happiness, some sorrow and pain. It goes without saying that these are my favorites. Some of these have been written by me, some written for me, but most of them are creations of others.

The emotions expressed in each,  reflect what have been or would have been my own reactions under the same situations the poets were in when these gems came into existence. It must be true for many of us. This proves that human hearts feel the same irrespective of boundaries of time, culture and place.  If some poem strikes a chord in your heart too, I would consider this effort amply rewarded.

Wherever I could, I have given the names of the poets. The names of the poets of many of these poems I am not able to provide, because I can not recollect the names. If you happen to know the poets' names please write to me so that I can give the due credits to those persons. I beg the pardon of those poets.

Lately, the bug has bitten me too. But I mostly write in Hindi/Urdu language. These poems I have published on my blog: http://akgupta.com/blog/category/my-poems/

Note: If you are the author of any poem or if you have copyright of any poem, and if you object to the listing of some poem here, please write to me. I beg your pardon and I promise to immediately remove that poem from this site.



Index Of Poems



Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore
Jackie Jon Macomber I do not love you Pablo Neruda
Between The Miles Heather Stoop A Song of Despair Pablo Neruda
Desire Ashok Love Sonnet XI Pablo Neruda
Envy The Sun Jason "Silverthorne" Daniels If You Forget Me Pablo Neruda
Friendship Veronica Ann Cech Ode to the Book Pablo Neruda
Hold On To Me Tara Simms From Friends To Lovers Joe Vieira
I Love Guy W. Salsburg When Friends Go Too Far  Lesliann Gilardi
I Miss You Fate And Circumstances Missy
O Beloved Yogesh Shastri To A Dear Friend, Far Away
I shall always Yogesh Shastri Healing From The Pain
I was looking Kathleen Love On The Internet Dove
Life Line   In Being With You Lauriel Mariondatter
Lost Treasures H. Lamb As Long As You Are Riki
Love My Jonathan Seagull Wisp
My Kindred Spirit Babycakes To His Coy Mistress Andrew Marvell
My Love Missy Anderson Two Souls One Voice Paulus
Never Forget What Did I do wrong
Not So Fast David Weatherford Gift From A Friend
Reach Out The Happy Hours Kathleen
Unseen Friend Iceman The Here And Now
We Were There Roxy Why Say Goodbye  
Words We Said Hope Growing Up Growing Out  
You Came Lynn Smiley A True Friend Lady Brandi
Friendship A Poem For Best Friends
Beauty Sea_of_okc Come Back To Me Shirley
Earth Angels Forever And A Day Cindy Heavican
Every Night Michelle Hold On To Me Tara Simms
How I Miss You Texas Rose How Distant Mariel Tacho
I Never Asked You I Couldn't Help Thinking Caroline
Linked Nancy Ness I Will Always Know This Angell 
Soulmates Michael W Craven If I Could Make A Wish Pamela
Thinking Of You Sea_of_okc Something Must Be Oblivious
Words Katie Stretch Forth Your Hand Sandy
Moments of Magic Ashok Love, Life and Longing Yogesh Shastri

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