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About the mock exam

About the color chooser applet

About the arithmetic applet

About AKGBackup

The Java Mock Exam

about.com has listed this exam in "Top 5 Free Java Mock SCJP Certification Exams".

www.levteck.com has placed this mock exam among the tougher exams.

Really the test made me to think over postponing the date I have fixed for the real exam. Really it is mind-boggling. I kindly request u to send me some questions like this which would be easier for guys like me to practice it.
Regards, -Lakshmanan.S.R

I just took the time to take your java test.
I found it very difficult and well done. -Mario Levesque

Hi I just cleared SCJP 1.4 Exam with 96% Scores. Ironically, I scored 46% in the given Mock Test. It's really tough, and it was worth taking. In fact its not the score, it's the invaluable knowledge that I got from Your site Free of Cost, that I could not get from Sun, even paying for Certification... Good Work Sir, and Best Wishes from me - Ammar Hasan
Hi, That was an excellent job. I was baffled to see the difficulty level and quality of questions. Thanks for the wonderful test. - Rohini

You put up an excellent SCJP mock exam. The questions are very good. I thank you for such tough questions.
thanks, -Bhaskar

I took your mock exam and found it helpful and great.
Best regards, -LiJun

It is a very good exam... u have done a great job.. -Omkar Joshi

Your home page is really praise worthy. The java test is really very good. I wish u best of luck in this adventure. -amrut lal patel

Very good questions and a good applet. Could be brought up to date by dropping the awt and java.io questions though. -Bill Logan

Thanks for that excellent exam. -adrian

Thanx for proving such a wonderful web site for all of us. It really helps a lot.

It is really very good for preparation. - Sreedhara Reddy

The questions are superb, Congratulations for your great effort in presenting it in an an easy-to-learn manner. But there is one thing: The CPU utilization is 100% once the applet is loaded. Please find and resolve the problem. - Sunilkumar

Very simple but effective and efficient exam site. - M. Usman

Nice work, keep it up. - Santosh Tokekar

Really amazing. Good work..- Paramaguru

The test sequence is same as the exam pattern which will help to tune the mindset while preparing for the exam. The design of the applet is very good because it was easy to use and all the navigation paths work well with clear messages. Thanks for the useful exam.- Ganesh

Thanks for putting this on the web! It's a wonderful tool to help us aspiring Java programmers know what to expect. - Jeff Nordquist

Its A Very Nice Question Bank For Java.Really I Am Enjoying By Answering The Question. - ShajiKesavan

This exam site is very helpful. I liked it very much. Please update this site time to time. The questions of this site is well designed. Wish you best luck.
 - Md. Hemayet Uddin Bhuiyan

It was a very good test. I failed :-(    - cvbn

Wow, I hope the real test isn't this hard. - josh r

very good test to assess one's potential before going for further studies to other topics. - kavita mundra

Honestly I got the Worest Grade in that exam, This Only means You did a great Job so Keep up the good work & Thanks By the way (Great GUI design),,,Michael
frankly speaking ,the mock test questions are just amazing .Thanks a lot for the service you are doing for all of us .The questions cover all the fundamentals of java language .Thanking you - P Suresh

I really found difficult as you have mentioned, but if I practice this I will surely gain confidence to go for exam.

Thanks n Regards - Anamika Ghoshal

after taking ur exam .. i came to know where i was in java.... - Anonymous
The test is realy nice.I appered it for the very first time.It was tough for me as I am not prepared well.But I learned something from this test,I can use them further for benefit - tapan

It is really a tough exam. Is the real exam equally tough? Thanks a lot for providing this resource. It may save me some bucks by making me prepare better for the certification. - Maria

The Color and Font Chooser Applet

I was looking for something like this long long time. You know, it's not really necessary, but it's better to check color combination "on the fly". So I have found your applet. Is there any chance to get it for free? It's for my personal use only, so I don't wanna pay anything. But if you have any wish, don't hesitate to tell me...Vita Havelek

I would really like this ColorChooser program please. It is good, and I have been looking for something exactly like this - Kevin

I like your color picker. It would be a nice help for making web pages. Could you email me a zip (.tar or whatever) file of the page so I can run it offline? - mike

I should be grateful if you would let me have the color chooser as an application.   R.Raman

I just had to write and thank you for your great colour chooser, I was having a hard time converting hex colours into what I wanted until I found this, great tool.

Thanks Again - Alex McHugh

Can you send me the code for you color chooser I would like to look at it and see how you did this project.
Thanks,  - Dan Douglas

I would like to have the application because I'm always looking for a way to customize java color. - Mark R. Hynes

I found your color chooser applet in your website when I was doing search for some thing similar, it is neat!!! - Mussie

Greetings. Looked for a color chooser on Google and I found your page. I really like your Color Chooser-- would like to inquire about having it as an app.
Thanks - Brian Relleva

Dear Author of ColorChooser applet,
I like you applet and would like to use it for my java development as a stand-alone application. Is the source available? Thanks - Colin Wyatt

today i saw yr applet at http://www.akgupta.com/Java/ColorChooser.htm it looks like it lot of work. it is looking very nice. i am wondering if you can send me .java source. if you can it would be very nice.. thanks - harry

I have been looking for such a program. Your applet is exactly what I wanted. It is really a wonderful program which will really ease the job of programmers a lot.
Why don't you make this applet downloadable? - Arnold Hudson

The Arithmetic Applet

Great job!
Can you please send me the applet so that my kids can use it offline?
Lily Robinson

Yeah...I wonder why I do not get these ideas until I see them on your page!


It would be very nice of you if you could send me this applet. It will be very useful for my kid.



This backup utility has been rated as TOP 5% by http://www.jars.com

This program was featured in the famous newsletter of Fred Langa. Here is what Mr. Langa has said about this program:

Here's something you don't see everyday--- a complete, free backup applet, with some nice bells and whistles (including automatic on-the-fly data compression), written completely in Java (so it runs on any Java-enabled operating system).


The program that I find that best meets that criteria for me is AKGBackup by www.akgupta.com. It is a snap to setup and use. Try it. I think that you will love the program.

This is what one of the readers of Langa's newsletter wrote to him :

Fred - the AKG Java Backup program you featured on today's edition appears to be an absolute marvel! I am quite sure you will be testing it out yourself and I know that you, like me, for many years have relied on Drive Image for backups. I am that same old 81 year old who did that Lindows4 test and writeup this last summer, - I love getting my teeth into useful new utilities.

I tested AKG on an Athlon 1800 (with 768 mb RAM and an 80 gig HD) which has 19 partitions (in addition to the CD/DVD pair and the floppy) - I use all those partitions to make my filing system easy - Partition G is for Graphics, I is for Internet, L for Libraries and so on. The only two partitions I normally regularly back up are "C:" (Basic OS - Windows ME) and "U:" (XP Home). The other partitions I backup only when a really major change takes place - say once a year.

I already had JRE on my system (I like Java even if Microsoft doesn't) so did the (very simple) AKG installation into Partition T (Tools&Utilities) - nice clean simple and just about idiot proof interface comes up. First I backedup - uncompressed - my "C:" (Windows ME only plus those files other programs insist on installing with Windows) and running at 600 mb total. Backup took 2 minutes 30 seconds - and, uncompressed of course, required 600 mb disk space. Then, as a sneak test before restoring, I went into C and deleted ta number of folders and files. Then I restored. Flawless - folders and files all back in place, restoration achieved in 30 seconds! BTW I installed AKG under ME - but it did the backups and restorations of XP from there with no problems.

I also have XP Home on the same machine - present load 2800 mb - same procedure took 9 minutes 30 seconds to backup and 1 minute 30 to restore. Did the same sneaky deletion of some folders before restoring. No problems.

Then I did the whole thing over again - indentically except for using the compression option. ME took 3 minutes 30 to backup - but only a blazing 20 seconds to restore. XP took 15 minutes to backup and then roared through a 1 minute 10 restoration. Those restoration times are faster than Drive Image! Again I sneakily deleted a few folders on both systems.
In both cases of compression, the achieved backup size result was slightly more than 50% in size - 273 mb for ME and 1 and a half gigs for XP. Very competitive with Drive Image.

Now, I am a belt and braces man - especially with computers - where I go even further and use belt, braces - and zips! So I will run AKG Java in tandem with Drive Image for a while.

If anything should convince Gates (jealous of it as he undoubtedly is) that Java must be - is - an essential/integral part of Windows, not an add on - this program should do it. In fact he should right now go to the author and say "will you sell it to Microsoft for whatever you want - a million - two - three - because it is far more efficient that the existing Windows System Restore and will be the best selling point for XPs successor - Longhorn."
Ron Garland (


Thank you for your prompt response. I intend to use this utility as my main backup utility. I have tried several expensive "mainstream" utilities including "new versions" of Norton Ghost and Iomega Auto Backup and have found these to actually malfunction and be totally unreliable on my "mainstream" Windows XP pro platform. Your program is simple, elegant and does what it says it will do in an easy to understand format - a nice break from wasted time fooling with over-hyped and overdone commercial software that does not work and whose purveyors have, in effect, stolen my money. Thus I am happy to contribute to someone who actually delivers a product that does the job I want done without me having to delve into the finer points of software engineering just to make the technology function properly. Simple is good!

Garth Henderson, Web Designer/Consultant, Canada

I had to reinstall Windows XP. I backed up everything using AKGBackup. The program is great and I got everthing back. :-)


Thank you very much indeed for making freely available your very elegant AKGBackup programme. Your programme does everything that is required without the usual candy floss trimmings that seem to weigh down the usual commercial offerings.

I looked at quite a few different backup programs today and yours stood out because it was simple to use and had a no-nonsense approach to backups.

I also like the idea of separate zip archives for files. I've been in a similar uncomfortable situation as yourself: having to try and recover from catastrophic data loss. In this case, the archives were spanned across several zip files but it was the second zip that was corrupt. Since the CRC didn't match any more that meant the other 7 zip files wouldn't extract, either.

Michael Shannon

Your back up program looks great. Love the concept of individual files.

Peter Kinross

I could not have wished more in a backup program. Fulfills my needs perfectly.

John A.

So far, I've tried out this program, and please let me congratulate you. It surpasses, by far, any of the other backup programs I have tried in the past several years.

Tony Simms

Compliments on the software. I read your submission in LangaList, and have been looking for an interface that would be clear and "failsafe". So far, so good.

Jose A Carrillo

I have downloaded your AKGBackup (and JRE from Java) - everything seems to work perfectly. Your program seems to be exactly what I've been looking for - thank you.
O. Ray Wall

I have been "playing around" with your AKGBackup software for a few days & find that it functions rather elegantly, yet simply at the same time. Although I have not tested all its capabilities, those I have tried are really neat.


What a wonderful application! I have discarded my earlier backup application.


It is an excellent utility, I have become totally dependant on it as my 1st choice for routine backups.


I LOVE your program. It is by far, the best, quickest, simplest back-up program available today, period!









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