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Interesting News and Articles from the Internet


I surf the internet a lot. I have a passion for reading and internet is a wonderful resource which keeps my thirst satiated. I have been e-mailing the articles and news, I find interesting, to my friends and they all seem very happy reading them (taking in to account, of course, the differences  in tastes of different people). The positive responses, I have received, gave me the idea that I could share these articles and news items with the visitors to my site. This page is the result of this idea.

The articles on this page (or rather the links to them) are mostly about "alternatives". There are almost always two versions of the same event or thought. One is the normally accepted (or should I say official?) version and the other is an alternative one. I am always fascinated by the alternatives, mainly because they put the thing in perspective. You get both sides of the story and then you can judge and accept one of the versions. At least, alternatives make an issue interesting. That is why I have named this page as "interesting.htm". The articles relate to supernatural, weird, alternative or forgotten versions of history and other subjects and of course, articles I find interesting even if they are not "alternatives" :-).

One of the best "alternative" I have ever read is "The book of the damned", written by Charles Fort. It has been said that you may start doubting your sanity after reading the book. In my opinion, it is a must read book and worth some thought; you may agree or disagree with his conclusions, but you will certainly come to know of many interesting facts about the world we live in - the facts which established science just chooses to ingnore (may be because it has no answers yet).

The reason I am providing only the links is the prohibitive cost of increasing bandwidth for my site. During the last two years the no. of visitors to my site has been increasing steadily and I have been upgrading my hosting packages.

If you find this page interesting enough bookmark this page (or add to the favourites list in your browser). Keep visiting this page as I will keep adding items to this page as and when I find them.

If you feel like saying something to me (sans abuse, of course, as these articles are not mine), please write to me at the email id given at the bottom of the page. Since this email id is not a hyperlink, to prevent it from getting harvested by spammers, you will have to type it out.

Disclaimer:  I do not necessarily agree or disagree with these articles. I am presenting these items only because I find them "INTERESTING". To agree or disagree with any of the articles is totally up to you. However, some of these articles will surely turn out to be thought provoking.

Our Fathers Who Art From Spaceships Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries
The Things Children See The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics
Origins of Myth Alien UFOs and Our Astronaut Heroes
Advanced Concepts of Hinduism The Mystery of consciousness
Where are all the bees?
Sophisticated Surgeries in Prehistoric Times The Battle of the Cloudships
Wolf Messing: Russia's Greatest Psychic Bringing Charles Fort Up to Date
To the Moon and Back Other Worlds: Eight Amazing Alien Encounters
Falling ice perplexes scientists Ancient Astronauts - The Search for the Truth
The 'butter-side-down' school of science The world's ten extreme natural threats
encounters with winged humans Greenhouse Theory Smashed by Biggest Stone
Visions of the dying Strange fish parade seen in Englewood
Top 10 Net Hoaxes / Urban Legends of 2005 Human eyes possess destructive power of laser
Mayan days in global consciousness Whatever happened to...
Christmas and the star the Magi followed ancient mariners
What's Next in Coming 25 Years The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
The Curse of Tutenkhamen Evidence of ancient civilisations
Unknown creatures live in Earth's atmosphere Centaurs appeared after copulation between humans and animals
How Much Did the Ancients Know? Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century
Too hot to handle The Inchoate Science of Consciousness
Human Hands Emit Light Weather Modification
Vanished! Unexplained Disappearances Ancient Civilisations:Six Great Enigmas
unusual deaths The Artificial World We Live In
Got milk? You've got problems STRANGE MOON FACTS
High Technology in Bible Was the Taj Mahal a Vedic Temple? The Photographic Evidence
Artificial Moon Phenomenon of reincarnation still mystifies modern scientists
The true story of Tajmahal Ancient Aryan civilization's incredible technologies 40 centuries ago
Underwater civilizations Teleportation: Express Lane Space Travel
Hollow Earth? Natural Petroleum: NO Connection With Biological Matter
Black Holes Devour People Vimanas or space-crafts in ancient India
Nagas And Serpents Did Man Reach The Moon Thousands Of Years Ago
Life After the oil crash The Great UFO Debate
Life After Death The Book of the Damned
FAQ about UFO Ancient nuclear blasts and levitating stones of Shivapur
  Aryan Invasion Theory Myth

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