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AKGBackup - The backup program




AKGBackup™ 2.0


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Introduction :


It is really surprising that people ignore backing up their data, even though its importance keeps getting stressed by all and too often. Normally, people start backing up their data, only after they have lost it at least once. I, myself, belong to this unfortunate category. Once I lost my valuable files (which included my java code files), I painfully realized the importance of data backup. Then I started looking for a suitable backup tool. I tried a few freeware and trialware programs for this purpose, but somehow, none satisfied my needs. Finally, I decided to write my own program and this backup utility is the result of that effort. This backup utility is a bit different. It does what many of the other programs do not. To see what people have been saying regarding this program, please visit About AKGBackup and download.com



AKGBackup™ is a free backup program written entirely in Java. As a result, it has the advantage that it should run on any platform as Java is a language having cross platform portability as one of its strong points. It is an utility for backing up your files on a different hard disk drive, network drives, floppies, different partition of the same disk drive or any media your operating system can write to. You can download this backup utility for free (link at the bottom of this page).


AKGBackup™ also, very successfully, explodes the myth that Java programs run slower than the programs written in other languages.


Here are the screen-shots of this program (The looks may vary depending on the Operating System) :



Main Window:




Settings Window:






  • This backup utility can compress data while backing up if you choose so. It compresses individual files separately. This feature is a precautionary measure. Compressed archives do get corrupted and if there is a single archive for all your files (most of the backup programs create a single archive for your files and folders), you may lose all your files in one go if something goes wrong. Remember Murphy's Law? Still not convinced? Read here what one of the users of AKGBackup said about this feature.

  • The compression feature of this program can be used as a simple but effective encryption tool for backed up files.

  • You can choose to mirror any deletions in your data source. If you delete any files in the original location, those files will also be deleted in the backup. In other words, you will have a mirror image like backup all the time. You can also choose not to have such a backup in which case even if a file is deleted in the source folder, it will remain in the destination folder (where you have chosen to backup your files) waiting to be restored if and when you require it.

  • It is also possible to specify the total number of backups of the same data. This feature is particularly useful when some rewritable medium, such as a hard disk or a tape, is used as backup medium. For example, if you choose to have seven number of backups, then you will have seven most recent sets of data.

  • Once you create a backup using this utility, subsequent backups are very fast. This program looks for any new or modified files and backs them up saving a lot of time ensuring that you have a most current backup all the time.

  • It can backup only data files and not system partition or system files. In other words, you should not expect to backup the whole C: (system partition) drive, and then restore the partition after something goes wrong with your operating system or after formatting your system partition.




To run this program, you will need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE version 1.3.1 or later) installed on your system. If you do not have JRE installed, you may download it for free from Sun Microsystems' site. Though, this download may seem to be a bit hefty, once it is downloaded you can run plenty of free Java Applications available on the net. It is more or less like downloading DirectX or Visual Basic Runtime which then enable you to run many other programs on your system.


The URL for downloading JRE is http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html.

You can follow this link too : http://java.sun.com/getjava/index.html


Important : Read AKGBackup FAQ to find out answers to frequently asked questions about AKGBackup and also to use the program effectively and correctly.

What is New?


AKGBackup 2.0

  • Earlier, in case of more than one backups for the same folder, a new backup was created on each run which took same amount of time for every backup. Now, after the specified number of backups have been created, AKGBackup will simply update the old backups, greatly reducing the time taken for subsequent backups.

  • Slight modifications in the interface.

  • Help section is updated.

  • "Frequently asked questions" page included in the program download.


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Download AKGBackup (ZIP file - 167 KB)


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Download AKGBackup (Self extracting Archive, easier to set up - 194 KB)


Last updated: 5th November, 2006






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