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I can not claim to be a philosopher for the simple reason that I am not. I have read and thought, asked and thought again about these topics, as every one of us has done at least at some point in life. If you have articulated your thoughts on these topics then there is no difference between you and me. May be the only difference is between the size of the audience we have access to. Having a web site extends the reach and therefore I may have a larger audience than you. This difference is not worth even mentioning, so do not take these thoughts very seriously.


Of course I claim to be a puzzled man trying to find out the meaning of it all. Why, what, how, where and when are the five most basic questions human beings ask. These pages are the result of the questions I have asked and the answers I have received. By reproducing what I think about these topics, I do not intend to make you agree with what I write here. I, myself, do not have the answers. What seems to be more plausible to me is presented here.


These pages are simply the expressions of my thought processes. I hope to raise more questions than provide answers as I have none.


Feel free to contact me for anything you might have to say, though I would not welcome abuse. This is because it is not my intention to hurt the sentiments or beliefs of anybody. I welcome other ideas, honest criticism, discussions intended to delve deeper into these questions.


I will keep adding more and more topics whenever I have free time. For the moment, whatever I have been able to write is presented here.


I am an Indian and my mother tongue is "Hindi" (not English). So, if there are some grammatical errors, I think I deserve a pardon. If you find out some error in my linguistic abilities, please do not hesitate to point it out. I will really be grateful to you if I am able to correct my language as a result of your efforts in pointing out my errors.


What is destiny? Is there a free will?

Astrology : A Science or Superstition?

How India lost its Glory?

What is Happiness and How to achieve it?

What is Freedom?

Ideal society and its governance

I have had some nice interactions with the readers of my articles. It is always nice to know of alternative thoughts too, as they help make things much clearer. Some of the interactions are so interesting that I decided to post them on this site. I am sure you will enjoy reading them even more. Here are some of the discussions:


Jennifer (on happiness)

Alan (on reincarnation and beliefs in general)

Rob Tillett (on Astrology)


Since I have started writing my blog, my further musings will be available here:




Thank you.





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